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Teachers in all 50 states, Department of Defense Schools,
and U.S. Territories have successfully completed these courses.

We are also happy to have students overseas in Austria, Canada, Ecuador, China, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Japan, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Spain, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand.

We are all looking for ways to learn more about Common Core … this class helped do exactly that!

Emily Werner, Missouri / Common Core Math, Algebra 2

I just finished the class on the common core. I really enjoyed it.It was the best online class I’ve taken.

Brian Shoemaker, Massachusetts / Common Core Math

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for processing my Transcript Request form as quickly as you did. I am going to talk the heck out of Converse College (and TeacherStep) to all my teacher colleagues!

George Merk, Ohio / Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1

"You have made what has been
a challenging career change
run very smoothly while
relearning the content and
learning about being a teacher.

David K. Hall

TeacherStep Learner

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I’m writing to inform you of the wonderful customer service I just received. I had a question about whether or not I was eligible to enroll in a course and called the hotline. I spoke to Ms. Janice Callison. She was polite, considerate and extremely knowledgeable about the program! It was one of the most pleasant customer service phone calls I’ve had in recent memory.

Robert Hirsch, Canada / Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1

At first, I was completely overwhelmed at the possibilities of something new, but by completing the tasks, readings andresources required by this course, I now feel that I am able to implement the standards within my classroom and will be able to communicate my enthusiasm to other teachers.

Karen Howle, South Carolina / Common Core Elementary ELA

I have taken several of the math courses from Teacher Step, in route to completing my math certification in Wisconsin. I highly recommend them for quality, flexibility and value!!! Everything this page says, and more… Good luck!

John Cleaver, Wisconsin / Geometry, Algebra 1 and Middle School Math

This class has given me the chance to see many excellent resources that I can infuse into my math instruction. The different resources promote thinking differently about tasks and being willing to try new ideas and strategies (such as using writing more in class). I view this as a success and a way that I can better build instruction for my students to help them become more successful as not only students, but individuals.

Anonymous / MTE 520

Thank you for a great course!

Julie Chandler, Massachusetts / Common Core Elementary Math

It has been a pleasure being your student; now, I feel way more confident that I am going to be a successful math professor, thanks to the organization, structure and meaningful content of your math courses. The quizzes and assignments challenged me in a very encouraging way and I always felt that I had your full cooperation and support for every question I asked. Again, thank you very much for all your help!

Ulises Guigou, Florida / Calculus 2

It was a great way to take the required first step in getting me certified in Math here in Hillsborough County (Florida). I am a Special Education teacher who co-teaches in the math department here at Spoto High School. I am also the head football coach. With football taking up so much time it was a great way to take classes this summer. I was able to do the work when I had the time away from my student/athletes. I finished the class along with another class. [..]

I will continue to take classes from your program as it was a great experience for me.

Dale Caparaso, Florida / Geometry and Algebra I

Thank you ever so much, Ms. McDuffie.I’ve so appreciated your help throughout this course.Of all the courses I’ve taken to get my high school endorsement, this has been the most valuable — even more than the upper level math courses I took.Having now taught Alg 1, Geometry , and Algebra2 at three levels (decelerated, regular, and honors), I have an even deeper appreciation for the material in the reading, and the ideas that I get from both the readings and the videos.I feel validated in terms of how I run my classroom and deal with students.I hope you’ll see that in my writing. Again, thank you for your help.I am looking forward to the feedback on my final essay, and to finishing up my classwork to be a “legal” high school teacher!Enjoy the rest of your summer.I promise not to email you any more!Hahaha.

Carol Quimby / MTE 207

I am a much wiser and more aware and critical elementary math teacher having been experienced this class in what it really means to teach CCSS Standards and Mathematical Practices. It has given me the freedom to incorporate what is in my natural bent and philosophy into the situation of the district restrictions that I work. I will continue my understanding in how to teach math by visiting the NCTM web site and other mathematical organizations.

Anonymous / MTE 520