Online Teacher Resources Pocket Guide

Online teacher resources can be a teacher’s best friends. We understand the difficulties of trying to create unique and original classroom materials for each lesson plan. Online resources are here to help and offer teachers everything from printable worksheets to lesson plans and even in-classroom interactive games. Here are a few we suggest:

With an easy option to browse by subject and grade, this site has tons of videos on teaching certain types of lessons and even interactive games that your students can use in the classroom today. This site is great for BYOD classrooms!

The Math Subject Center features tips on teaching and even ready-made lesson plans. Looking for some pre-made math worksheets? Education World offers tons of different printables for addition, subtraction and multiplication.

If you’re looking for an even bigger selection of printables, offers more than 2,000 free tools for K-12, including reference charts, topic handouts and tons of printable worksheets for all ages and levels of math education.

This is a great resource for teachers and students alike. For teachers, the site offers activities, worksheets and lesson plans as well as software that can be used in the classroom. With a very user-friendly website and resources tailored to different grade levels, this site also makes a great tool for parents and students who need a bit of extra practice outside of the classroom.

If you’re looking for a math worksheet tailored to your class, the best way may be to build your own! This website makes it easy by selecting the type of problems and providing the minimum and maximum numbers that can be used, and you’ve got a printable worksheet!


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