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Breaking down the Common Core’s 8 mathematical practice standards

The Common Core mathematical practice standards are the foundation for mathematical thinking and practice for students as well as guidance that helps teachers modify their classrooms to approach teaching in a way that develops a more advanced mathematical understanding. Think of these standards as a guide to creating a more complex and absorbing learning experience […]

Five Ways Technology is Changing the School Day (For the Better)

Technology in the classroom is a hot topic in education that continues to be discussed as the presence of technology in everyday life continues to grow. In one camp, there are those who argue that technology in the classroom can be a detriment to learning; a distraction to students. In another, it’s argued that technology, […]

TeacherStep Class Activity: Algebra II

TeacherStep Class Activity: “How old is the oldest person you know?” This activity is designed for classrooms that teach probability and statistics as part of their content. It can be easily adapted to classrooms for Grades 6, 7, 8, Algebra II and includes content topics (1) data collection; (2) finding mean, median, mode; (3) displaying […]

Online Teacher Resources Pocket Guide

Online teacher resources can be a teacher’s best friends. We understand the difficulties of trying to create unique and original classroom materials for each lesson plan. Online resources are here to help and offer teachers everything from printable worksheets to lesson plans and even in-classroom interactive games. Here are a few we suggest: With […]

Hate Common Core? Why Blaming the CCSS is Misdirected.

The Common Core State Standards have been a hot topic ever since the initial launch into the American school system, sparking debate from parents, teachers, and even celebrities. It’s thought of as “the next new math,” coming to rattle and destroy society’s primary way of doing multiplication, division, and the like, and many are questioning […]

Good vs. Great Professional Development: Spotting the Differences

While there are many different professional development courses out there, they should not all be treated equally. All programs come with different guidelines, rules and course materials so when it comes to choosing the correct courses for you make sure you know that you are getting a great course and not just a good one. […]

How to Prepare for the Common Core State Standards in 3 Steps

With a majority of U.S. states on track to fully implementing the Common Core State Standards during this year, many around the nation are left with questions about the changes in education and how the implementation will happen. Whether you’re a fan of the new standards or not, field testing has already started in 36 […]

Attention Teachers: SAT changes to reflect Common Core by 2016

The College Board recently announced proposed changes to the SAT, the most influential and critical college-admissions exam. The reshaping of the SAT test is said to change the penalty for incorrect guesses, the vocabulary words, and creating an optional essay, with the goal of creating an exam that better reflects the new Common Core standards. […]

Implementing the Common Core? Avoid These 5 Big Mistakes

1. Trying to do it alone As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” Teachers helping teachers is essential to the success and outcome of the Common Core State Standards. After being adopted by more than 40 states, at least 85% of state curricula is expected to be based around the new Common […]

Advantages of online professional development courses

Professional development for teachers has continued to grow in popularity and necessity, with more and more schools and instructors choosing to enlist in courses that can benefit them both personally and professionally. Although traditional professional development courses were taken in classroom settings, online courses have been steadily gaining popularity as many are realizing the advantages […]