Advantages of online professional development courses

Professional development for teachers has continued to grow in popularity and necessity, with more and more schools and instructors choosing to enlist in courses that can benefit them both personally and professionally. Although traditional professional development courses were taken in classroom settings, online courses have been steadily gaining popularity as many are realizing the advantages of online PD and turning to their computers first.

Between creating lesson plans, grading coursework and juggling a personal life, it is essential to find the right courses that can fit into a busy schedule. The ease of online PD courses allows even busy teachers a way to fit a full course into the busiest of lifestyles. With up to nine months to complete the course, online PD with can be completed anytime, anywhere. The same luxury applies for those who have the desire or need to finish the courses for an impending recertification deadline, instead of having to wait for weekly class hours.

The content within online PD can easily be updated to stay relevant to what teachers are looking for. With so much content materializing through a PD course, online programs offer the ability to be customized so that the information can be stored, shared, and organized to be accessed in many different forms. This content can then be interactive, including edits, comments, and more that allows the content to be used thoroughly.


Creating a community
Online interaction through PD courses with other teachers can offer a great social circle of like-minded professionals able to connect with one another. With the ability of real-time communication through the Internet, online PD can capitalize on collaboration within the courses and establish a network among other teachers. By creating online peer-to-peer exchanges, teachers can further establish and grow their own skills and knowledge while serving as a resource for others in a certain area of expertise. Online PD can connect teachers, administrators, and schools and find the commonalities between varying schools to benefit the entire group.

Tailored to specific needs or interests
Professional development and teacher re-certification come in many formats and styles, ranging from broad subjects to niche topics of interest. Every teacher has different needs, and making sure to enroll in the correct PD courses can change how a course impacts and helps a teacher. Since the courses are completed over time, there is room for assessment.  Many online courses allow for reflection and peer involvement as well. With the ability of assessment and evaluation, many online programs can be tailored according to each teacher’s needs, ensuring the best possible learning experience.

Experience in using online technologies
Teachers who choose to enroll in online PD courses will not only learn course content, but also will enhance their technology skills. While learning in an online setting, teachers can benefit from learning to use and engage others with new communication technology. As technology continues to grow in popularity within education, it is important for teachers to also become aware of their online surroundings. Online PD can be a great tool in helping teachers to practice, reflect, and modify possible uses for online collaboration within the classroom.


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